A technology
platform for
direct investing

Digital infrastructure for financial services

A technology platform not a custody platform
Navigate compliance obligations for you and your clients with software built for direct investing.
One-off digital account creation
Portable digital Investor accounts are created on initial application and can be reused for new investments.
Stay on top of the
investment process
Manage multiple investments through one account. View progress and status of your clients investments.
For Financial Advisers
Really know your customer
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Our algorithm identifies and validates each ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) for each application.
Real time entity verification
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Real-time verification against government databases means error-free applications every time, saving time and frustration.
A tech platform for direct investing
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Investments are held directly by the investor, allowing them to control their own assets. No custody fees for investors.
The investor always controls their money
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Connexian does not hold or assets on behalf of investors. Payments and distributions are direct to investor nominated bank accounts.
Wholesale investors
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Inbuilt Qualified Accountant certificates in an ASIC approved format enables accountants to complete online in seconds with automated renewable.
Digital document execution
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Multi party digital signatures built in with eSign and PIN to sign options. Full audit trail to know who has signed what and when with signature tracking.
Client collaboration built-in
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Accounts are shareable so advisers can invite clients or be invited in, enabling the signing and completion of applications.
Disclosure documents
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Product Disclosure Statements, Financial Services Guides and Target Market Determinations are permanently linked to the investor account for Corporations Law compliance and DDO tracking.
Email integration
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Connexian integrates with popular email platforms like Outlook and Gmail so that all communications are sent from and stored in your email account.

Security and data protection

Multi-level role control
With professional accounts, multiple user account levels allow specific members of a team to perform specific tasks and access specific information based on their role.
Two-factor authentication
For protection of your data we use two-factor authentication for your account.  Each time you log in, you’ll need to enter a unique code we send to you.
Protection comes built-in
Connexian has built-in security features to better protect your data. Secure cloud infrastructure using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for industry leading data protection.
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